Intentionally Design Classrooms with the 5 Elements

Intentionally Designing Your Classroom With the 5 Elements

More and more evidence comes out every day that supports “your environment matters”. Whether it be your home, workplace or a child’s classroom … all spaces can be designed for maximum efficiency and efficacy. I am going to discuss here Intentional Design of the “classroom”. I want to look at the theory of the 5 elements and when they are balanced in a space, everyone in the space is likely to thrive. Everyone gets their needs met and have every reason to be content and productive in the classroom.

Let’s look at how the 5 elements (earth, metal, wood, water and fire) can be observed in the classroom. Desks are usually wood or metal, glass windows & shiny things are water, the color red, lights and students/teacher represent fire, squares, rectangles & earth tones are earth and metal can be represented by pastel colors, actual metal or rocks and the carpet and plants represents wood. Everything will fit into 1 of these 5 elements and some things will be represented by a combination of elements, like a beige, square metal desk would be both earth and metal.

Let’s start with earth … it is the element grounding, stability and nourishment. Building a foundation and making sure your earth elements are in balance can make or break your classroom. Too much earth can lead to a sluggish and stuck environment and too little can make everyone feel spacey and disconnected.

Metal … is the element of mental focus, logic and precision. Too much metal can be too rigid and stifle creativity and too little can create a scattered and disorganized environment.

Wood … is the element of growth, innovation and flexibility. Too much wood can cause overwhelm and impatience and too little wood can lead to inactivity and the inability to move forward.

Water … is the element of insight, meditation and trusting the flow of life. Too much water can lead to indecisiveness and being a loner and too little can create a short attention span.

Fire … is the element of enthusiasm, passion and grace. Too much fire can lead to a very loud and unfocused environment and too little can cause shyness, reservation or coldness.

Consider what the personality of your classroom is … stable, frenetic, inactive, reserved, passionate or focused just to name a few. Look at whether you have too much or too little of each element, add and delete to create balance in your classroom. A little effort at evaluating your classroom can bring big rewards in the long run.

There is a lot more to the list of what each element is represented by, but I gave you some of the things you would likely find in your classroom. The 5 elements is a fairly complex theory to learn but not to implement. That’s when you call in a professional so they can evaluate the space for you and recommend the necessary changes for an intentionally designed, well-balanced and productive classroom.

Contact me for an evaluation of the space and let’s Intentionally Design your classroom.

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