Free Classroom Consult Essay Contest

Free Classroom Consultation for the Best Essay Monthly

A while back I did a consult for a teacher friend of mine for her classroom, in doing so I found I have a great passion to support kids to be the best they can be in this world.  Feng Shui for Classrooms might sound crazy to those who have not had experience with it yet, but I want to tell you that my experience with Feng Shui has been nothing short of amazing.  I call it Intentional Design for Classrooms, there is art and science combined in my Feng Shui method and really easy to implement in the classroom.

I want to share my love and wisdom all over Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange, Inland Empire and Ventura counties).  This is my way of giving back to my community, by helping teachers create a classroom that is conducive to wondrous learning experiences and self-esteem boosting.  It is imperative with the world as it is now that our future generations contribute to making the world a better place.  I can help all of this happen with a couple of hours of your time and a willingness to learn something new.  I am talking to all you teachers out there that are looking for some help creating a classroom that supports the needs of the students and your growth as a teacher.

Send me an essay of approximately 350 – 500 words telling me why you and your classroom would like me to come and consult with you.

I will choose 1 essay per month and give my services pro bono as my commitment to students everywhere.  Southern California schools only, in the Greater LA, OC, IE and Ventura counties.

Send the essay along with your contact information to   If you have questions in regards to the contest or anything related to classrooms, please feel free to email or call Tam Valentine 562-502-7887.  Check out my other sites in order to get the overall picture of what I can bring to the table … &

I look forward to helping you create a solid foundation in the classroom for the students education and your personal growth.