Balanced Learning: Feng Shui in the Classroom

Remember your 1st day at a new school or in a new classroom?  Were you excited, scared or maybe nervous?  Or you might have been all of the above.  You might have been one of those kids who just jumps in with both feet and makes the best of things, or maybe you needed to check out your surroundings cautiously and then make the perfect desk selection.  The one that made you feel the most comfortable, right?  The essence of Feng Shui is that you feel comfortable in your surroundings in order to have your best possible outcomes.  This is both on the conscious and unconscious levels.  The things you see, feel, touch, hear and smell.  Creating an environment conducive to learning in a safe, comfortable and productive atmosphere is the objective of the Feng Shui Practitioner.

Don’t let the words “Feng Shui” scare you … it literally means “wind” and “water” in Chinese culture, which is all about the ebb and flow or energy which is called “chi”.  It is the art and science (how one thing affects the other) of placement to create balanced and harmonious environments.  Sounds great, right?  I have been in many classrooms and all teachers have a different approach to creating their classroom.  Some are minimalists and some are not, sometimes in trying to create a vibrant learning space … they create chaos.  Chaos is very difficult for some children to maneuver through, especially if they are from a home that is not that way and vice versa.  Focus should be the core value of the classroom.  Feng Shui can help you put some simple principles into play that will create a wonderfully focused and balanced learning situation.

Feng Shui might sound foreign, scary or exciting to you as a teacher.  We are going to assume that learning is something that you are open to as a teacher.  If I told you it had the answer to increasing the grade average of your classroom would you be interested?  If I told you it could help with the focus of your students would you be interested?  If I told you it could help with the class disruptors would you be interested?  I know I would be and I would want to know how quickly the practitioner could come help me create that thriving environment of learning.

There are a lot of current topics that are hot in the news, they don’t say “Feng Shui” but it is exactly what they are doing.  They just call it things like: neuro-architecture, evidence-based design and informed design.  The premise of all these subjects is to create an environment that is conducive to success for the people inhabiting the space.  Whether it is a doctors’ office, a home or a classroom … it is all the same principles.  Using nature, color and the 5 senses within a space brings about balance and harmony in your environment.  Intention and intuition play a role as well when creating that space that promotes that success.

Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years and it can help you create a classroom that is focused, fun and productive.  It is all a matter of learning something new and bringing it to the students so you and they can be successful.

Young minds are nurtured and grown with love and balance in a more harmonizing space enlivened with classroom Feng Shui.

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